About us


Established in 2006, Jena is a pioneer and market leader in the powdered food industry. Operating from the industrial city of Hassia in Homs, Syria, Jena produces a variety of different powdered food and drinks. When it comes to quality and market presence, Jena is the undisputed choice for retailers and consumers alike.

With categories that include full cream milk powder, flavored full cream milk powder, juice and drink powder, corn flour, custard mix, cake mix, and pizza mix, Jena is a brand that has become a household name across the region.



Jena is committed to bringing households across the region - and eventually across the world – the wholesome goodness of its products. With constant innovation and development, dedicated customer service, and efficient logistics for packaging and manufacturing, Jena is on track to grow and retain its position as market leaders for years to come.



As a dynamic and fast-growing company, we are always seeking to enhance our product offering and operations to meet and exceed the demands of the local, regional and international market. Our focus is on uncompromised quality of international standards, putting us on par with some of the world’s largest and most popular brands.


Our Values

The success of our company is built on three core values. Firstly, we believe in quality above all, with strict control management on all raw materials, packaging and final products, in conformity with international standards and customer expectations. Secondly, we focus on products that are healthy and hygienic, with a fully automated production process that has zero human interference and exceptionally stringent quality control. And finally, our commitment to affordability means we promise to keep prices convenient for our customers as well as manageable for all elements in our trade chain.

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